At Booth Farms we propagate and raise Proteaceae plants on site. While not a retail nursery, we do sell plants to the public when inventory becomes abundant. Our farm resides on private property, so any plant sales are by appointment only.

Purchase Protea potted plants at:

Del Mar Spring Garden Show*

Avocado Festival, Fallbrook*

* Tentative. Depending on Covid pandemic status, these events may be canceled.

Most of the Protea growers in the San Diego area sell only wholesale and in large quantity. So, for people looking to buy “just a few” plants (or stems), this is a great opportunity. The California Protea Association will be exhibiting at the Del Mar Spring Garden show to raise awareness of protea. This is one of the rare opportunities to purchase 1-gallon protea plants in small quantities and single stems to make your own bouquet. They usually have a nice selection of different varieties (Protea, Leucadendron, Leucospermum (pincushions), Grevillea, etc.)