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In the rolling hills of North San Diego County, Booth Farms Protea grows a variety of cultivars from the family Proteaceae including Protea, Leucospermum, Leucadendron and Banksia. These beautiful and exotic flowers are indigenous to South Africa and Australia and thrive in our similar climate. Booth Farms primarily sells cut stems, but also offers Protea plants in limited supply.


The best known of the Proteaceae family, the many Protea varieties have enormous and beautiful flowers heads with long bracts and long sturdy stems. They make gorgeous bouquets and boast a long vase life.

LEUCOSPERMUM (Pincushions)

This genus of Proteaceae is known for its vibrant colors and rounded heads. Usually referred to as pincushions, since they resemble the old seamstress pincushions, leucospermum range in color from bursting orange and fluorescent yellow to various shades of red and lavender. (Are these Protea?)


Often used as filler or foliage for arrangements and bouquets, the leucadendron stems are as colorful as they are sturdy and long lasting. Sometimes referred to as conebush, the stem in bloom has a large stamen that resembles a small pinecone.


Native to Australia, this member of the Proteaceae family has flower heads more cylindrical in shape. Banksia are also known for their amazing leaves which have a naturally jagged edge appearing to have been cut with pinking shears!